Neat tricks for the old resistor packs

Array chip resistors are handy to have.  You can make a voltage divider if you have some to spare on a PCB.   While the tolerances are no better than your regular resistors, their ratios are more closely maintained over temperature as they are side by on the same substrate.

2:1 divider – 2 resistors from the pack

3:1 divider – 3 resistors from the pack

4:1 divider – 4 resistors from the pack

5:1 divider – 4 resistors from the pack.  2 in series and 2 in parallel:  0.5/(0.5 + 2) = 1/5

resistor pack

If you add a jumper block to change the connections, you can change the voltage divider ratios.  It is pretty handy to add that to change the input range of you ADC on your microcontroller.

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